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Winnica Turnau - Szlachetny Zbiór

Winnica Turnau - Szlachetny Zbiór

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It all began with Jerzy Turnau, who was a landowner and creator of agricultural education programs in the city of Lviv. History rendered the direct continuation of his work impossible, however one of his great-grandsons – Zbigniew Turnau – ran a sizeable homestead for a number of years, engaging in the cultivation of grains and rapeseed, and was assisted in this by his son Jacek and his employee Tomasz Kasicki. Its beneficial location, as well as a climate favourable to fruits, inevitably gave rise to the question – perhaps wine?

The Noble Harvest wine was produced using grapes affected by noble fungus. The botrytis absorbs water from the grapes, which increases the concentration of sweetness, and brings out unique tastes and fragrances.

In this noble white wine, we find aromas of wildflowers, honey and ripe citrus fruits. Its sweetness is balanced by accents of succulent grapefruit. The wine comes in half bottles (375 ml).

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