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Klabjan - Refosk White Label

Klabjan - Refosk White Label

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Uroš Klabjan works 10 hectares of vineyards, ranging in age from twenty to one hundred and thirty years, under the Karst edge near village of Osp, with the help of his brother and father. Malvasia is, of course, the predominant wine, but around 20% is the red king of Istria - Refošk. The soil is calcareous, with areas of marl. Some vineyards are completely grassed over, while others are cut around the vines. The form of cultivation is in principle a single guyot, except in some older vineyards, where the form is actually difficult to name, one could say archaic.

Uroš is certified organic and the vineyards are based on practices that are actually quite close to biodynamics. Over the years, through systematic and hard work, and a wealth of experience in pruning methods, the vineyards have achieved a balance that has led, among other things, to a natural regulation of the yield of each vine. So there are no green harvests. Harvesting does not start until full phenolic ripeness, which usually means a slightly higher sugar and consequently alcohol level, which is not disturbing as it is nicely balanced by the acids and salty minerality.

The white labels are produced from vineyards aged between 20 and 50 years and are generally vinified and aged for at least one year in stainless steel containers. Only sometimes, they spend a few months in a large oak barrel before bottling. 

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