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Commune of Buttons - ABC Chardonnay

Commune of Buttons - ABC Chardonnay

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Planted 20+ years ago in the coolest part of the vineyard by their mother, the ‘ABC’ vineyard is 1h parcel facing due east on a gentle slope at the bottom of the valley with the sandstone shelf quite close to the surface. Perfect for this grape! When Jasper & Sophie took over & converted everything to organics, etc. this parcel really began to shine!!

Hand-harvested and allowed to cool overnight then gently pressed into stainless steel tanks for the ‘wild fermentation’ aka native yeast primary fermentation. The juice is moved to large, completely neutral barrels where it ages for about a year with the fine lees - some gentle stirring occurs to make sure everybody is getting all-friendly like

A strong core of clay minerality shows up from the sandstone & the tannins keep it in balance. The texture and stunningly balanced acidity balanced everything together in a way that is simply stunning.

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