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Winnica Silesian ‘Rondo-Vous’

Winnica Silesian ‘Rondo-Vous’

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A vibrant juice-bomb full of fresh cherry and strawberry notes from Poland. A lighter one, made with Rondo - serve this chilled for an optimal fruity juicy experience.

Grape: Rondo

About the Winemaker:

Situated on the Sudeten foothills and occupying 11 hectares, Winnica Silesian is the product of three generations of the Mazurka family. It is a namesake that celebrates the rich heritage of Lower Silesia's wine production (dating back to the 12th century) as well as the family's five-generation long equestrian lineage. Vinnitsa is located on the south-western slope, at an altitude of 230 m above sea level. Granite terroir dominates, reflected in the minerality and crispness of wines.


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