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Val de Combres ‘L'Ivresse’

Val de Combres ‘L'Ivresse’

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Another trademark juice-bomb red, this time using the unlikely blend of Cabernet Franc and Syrah, the former grape a real anomaly in this part of France. As is Val's way with these 'vins de soif', there is a lightness of touch on display that harnesses every last drop of vibrant fruit character.

The Cabernet Franc is de-stemmed and macerated, keeping those overtly vegetal flavours in check, and the Syrah sees one week of carbonic maceration in whole bunches. Being the thicker-skinned of the two grapes this method keeps the heavy tannins at bay in favour of its potential for deep, lip-smacking blackcurrant fruit. The Cabernet Franc contributes a green, herbal fragrance, plush sheen and some real intrigue. A wine that shows itself best when lightly chilled.

Grapes: Cabernet Franc, Syrah

About the Winemaker:
Valentin Létoquart’s story is one that we’re hearing more and more in our exploration of small producers with principled approaches. Up until 2013, Val de Combrès first vintage, he had been growing grapes and supplying to a large Rhône co-operative. Whilst this can provide a producer with a reliable source of income, for Valentin it became too much to see his thoughtful, at this point organic vineyard work essentially going to waste when the harvested grapes were thrown in with those of other growers working on a more industrial level, with chemical herbicides and pesticides, poor soil health and barren, monocultural vineyards. Such was his inspiration to take the plunge and go it alone - we’re so glad he did.


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