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Sophie Evans ‘Blauer Silvaner’

Sophie Evans ‘Blauer Silvaner’

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Blauer Silvaner is a white grape variety that can develop a pink / purple skin, not dissimilar to Pinot Gris. Sophie was really interested in this variety so she found a biodynamic grower who could sell her fruit. The wine drinks like a very light red or rosé with all the freshness of a white wine. Serve chilled.

Grape: Blauer Silvaner

About the winemaker:
Sophie Evans worked with 2Naturkinder in Germany and made her own wines using some of the grapes from those vineyards but also with biodynamic fruit purchased from other growers in the area. She has now moved back to the UK and has her own vines down in Kent. We are really excited to follow her journey and look forward to the wines that will come next. 


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