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Rémi and Patricia Bonneton La Tangente ‘Libres!’

Rémi and Patricia Bonneton La Tangente ‘Libres!’

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Bubbly, succulent, and dangerously moreish - this Syrah/Clairette sparkler is an absolute must for your next shindig. Toeing the line between pink and red, you'll enjoy soft berry notes and a hint of stone fruit. Super enjoyable!

Grapes: Syrah, Clairette

About the Winemaker:

In the early 2000s, Rémi Bonneton began working the vineyards in Northern Rhône with his two horses, Suspens and Palynka. He ploughed the soils for some of the area's most desirable domaines. Along his journey, he produced a small amount of his own wine. In 2013, Bonneton and his wife, Patricia, found their first Syrah vineyard parcel on the terraced slopes of the Doux Valley in the Ardèche. It is still worked using horses and ploughs, as primarily done by Rémi. Rémi, who was formerly a professional rower, now works diligently on the two-hectare estate of La Tangente - on one of its parcels planted close to Tournon Sur Rhône, with Roussanne and Marsanne grapes on a hill overlooking the well-known Cornas and Saint-Joseph vineyards. Vines receive no chemical treatments, and the cellar utilizes spontaneous fermentation with no additives. The team works towards their long-term goals--a new cellar in Etables, an experimental planting of Albariño, and expanding their vineyard plots--by acquiring grapes from other growers.

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