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Cantina Indigeno ‘Mosca’ Muscat

Cantina Indigeno ‘Mosca’ Muscat

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A super aromatic, complex dry orange wine made from muscat by Cantina Indigeno. A must try for orange wine lovers!

Grape: Muscat/moscato

About the Winemaker:

Cantina Indigeno is located in the Abruzzese city of Teramo, an area of enviable situ, placed as it is at 300m elevation and with equidistance between the towering Gran Sasso mountain range and the Adriatic coastline to the east.

The group of friends who in 2016 founded Indigeno (Nicola, Alfredo, Fabio and Loreto) had worked together for many years in the beer industry before embarking on the new project, with friends such as Lammidia providing inspiration to move into the world of wine.

Now working 9ha of organically certified vines both in and around Teramo, their modus operandi is to bring abandoned vineyards back to health, seeking out some of the less heralded varieties unique to the region and creating fresh and vital wines that speak of this incredible terroir. 

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