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Baron de Sigognac VS Bas Armaganc

Baron de Sigognac VS Bas Armaganc

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The Guasch family have been in Gascony since the 12th century.

They have owned the château at Bordeneuve since 1974. Today, the father-and-son team of Jean-Claude and Thomas look after viticulture, vinification and distillation. The wine is distilled on its lees, and drawn off at 55–58 %, depending on the harvest. Distillation is continuous through day and night and manually controlled to account for temperature and humidity changes.

Aged for a minimum of two years, this Bas Armagnac is from the vineyards of the Chateau de Bordeneuve is made in the company's only still, a short column still which is almost a century old. Production is limited to some 50-60 casks annually.

Beautiful, delicate, rich flavour combining sweetness and spiciness. A unique and stylish Armagnac.
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